What is Rude Nephew.com / Productions?

RNP is the music, novels, videos and other projects of Will Surface.


Who is Will Surface?

I live in the beautiful state of Colorado with my wife, Bailey and our daughter, Olivia. I am a multi-instrumentalist, author and animator with not enough time in the day to work on the ideas that pop into my head.


Who is in the Rude Nephew Orchestra?

The RNO is my outlet to release solo music that I write, play all of the instruments and produce in my home studio. A lot of the tracks include my wife adding vocals as well as a bit of writing credit. I am in the process of putting together a live band to take this music out for live performance in the near future.


When will the next Time Savior book be out?

I plan on having the next book, Connections, available in 2016.


What is Better Than Bacon?

Well, simply, nothing.

But it's also the name of the band that I play drums in. Check BetterThanBaconBand.com for upcoming dates and info.


What is The Dirty Groove?

I have been an avid vinyl record collector since I was a small child. I decided to proclaim my love for the medium with a web site dedicated to all things wax. From reviews of classic and new releases to how to care and maintain excellent sound over the life of your records, check out my other site www.TheDirtyGroove.com





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